The past two weeks have been hectic in the tunnel and above ground as well. Like most things the first round of interviews we did on the 30th press launch were terrifying and exciting. We had ripped through more interviews than we thought were possible; pretty much all newspapers and press ITV, BBC, CNN, ZDF, TV1 etc etc. You know things have got weird when you are in ‘The Time of Mumbai’.

We half expected it to be a one day thing but here we are three weeks later with days still filled with Press and PR. Rich and I have been rinsed for every drop of knowledge we had on the tunnels, the history, building spec and then about the business plan and financials. Phone interviews, live radio chats and a trip to the BBC to do a live radio broadcast with NPR News in the USA its all becoming part of the norm.

Our PR man said there would be a lot of interest (But he’s in PR, so we didn’t believe him).

Jordan has kept the crops looking good for the cameras, and tasting good for the chefs we’ve had visiting. Richard continues to get excited about our YouTube hits and we all get excited about our investment. We know the endless PR is all worthwhile, one thing is certain though; Richard and I are becoming scarily efficient at delivering in the interviews….well not to the same level as ‘One Take’ Michel R Jr.

New office 24/01/2014


There was only so  much cappuccino we could drink and it was only so long we could nurse a camomile tea sitting in Costa. London leader Dirk Bischof, of One Planet Ventures, provided us with office space in his sustainable incubator in Brixton. The picture above is an example of why Richard is becoming a farmer! Simply put his talents behind the lens are woeful, he’s managed to chop off half my head, (before Rich comes back with any comments yes it is a big head).

Photoshoot with Decent Design

Fantastic photo shoot again with Decent Design. We are now ready with a film, two websites, business plan and campaign which we hope to launch very soon; as soon as the lease is signed.

Website Shoot

Andy from Decent Design, our design/ marketing and branding agency, came up to London to get some pictures for the websites and business plan. They have done an amazing job across the board with our branding and general image and we look forward to working with them as the business develops.


In the last few weeks we have managed to bring one of the best chefs in the country, Michel Roux Jr, on board as a non-executive director. We started our crowd funding campaign with a short film explaining the concept.

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Film Storyboard

This is the storyboard for the film which was done by the very talented Jerina Jagdeo. We kept to the initial script and storyboard in the film, with very slight diversification.



Test Phase 3

Now we growing! We have created the right conditions with temperature, light and nutrient to grow much quicker and produce a healthier crop. The radish is growing very well and is extremely strong in taste.

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A New Dawn!

We have started over again with fresh water and have got a bit more organised with records for growth on each bed. I have attached the fan heater to the ceiling and this is on now from propagation to re-create the temperature we will have when the tunnel is full of  LEDs, I am calculating the electric use on a separate KWH monitor from another plug socket from the tunnel below.

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Harvest Festival

Rich and I went down today for the first big harvest. You’ll see from the number of black refuse sacks of peashoots that we get a lot of produce from even the test site and this is giving us the chance to start sampling our produce, which is far more than the two of us can eat, we have made lots of pesto from the pea shoots

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Measured Growth

Today Rich went down to check on the heater that was set to 30°C yesterday on 1.3kw. The temperature read 18.1 °C which is what I was trying to achieve.

When you get down the tunnels in these lights the system shows that it is absolutely the right system for full roll out. It gives the confidence that when stacked on three levels we would be able to produce on a commercial scale that is easy to use and operate  when it comes to picking and packing.

On May 13th we took Cllr Walker and Cllr Haseldon along with Sue Sheehan and other local organisations for a tour of the tunnel. Sue and Cllr Haseldon have been down before and have been very helpful and supportive of the project.

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