The past two weeks have been hectic in the tunnel and above ground as well. Like most things the first round of interviews we did on the 30th press launch were terrifying and exciting. We had ripped through more interviews than we thought were possible; pretty much all newspapers and press ITV, BBC, CNN, ZDF, TV1 etc etc. You know things have got weird when you are in ‘The Time of Mumbai’.

We half expected it to be a one day thing but here we are three weeks later with days still filled with Press and PR. Rich and I have been rinsed for every drop of knowledge we had on the tunnels, the history, building spec and then about the business plan and financials. Phone interviews, live radio chats and a trip to the BBC to do a live radio broadcast with NPR News in the USA its all becoming part of the norm.

Our PR man said there would be a lot of interest (But he’s in PR, so we didn’t believe him).

Jordan has kept the crops looking good for the cameras, and tasting good for the chefs we’ve had visiting. Richard continues to get excited about our YouTube hits and we all get excited about our investment. We know the endless PR is all worthwhile, one thing is certain though; Richard and I are becoming scarily efficient at delivering in the interviews….well not to the same level as ‘One Take’ Michel R Jr.