Agriculture contributes to a third of the total carbon emissions, increasing conventional methods pose a rising threat to the environment as the world tries to feed an additional 2 billion people by 2050.

Closer to home, London’s population will grow by 24. 4%, or two million people, over the next decade. The targets of local government, in this case, the Greater London Authority ( GLA) are to achieve over the next decade are:

  1. A 60% reduction in London’s CO2 by 2025
  2. Ensuring 25% of London’s energy is delivered through more efficient decentralised energy by 2025
  3. Improving the energy efficiency of London’s homes and buildings
  4. Reducing emissions from transport
  5. Capturing the environmental and economic benefits of making London a low carbon city

Zero Carbon Food will help achieve all of these targets.

We believe a low carbon economy is more energy efficient, more energy secure, cleaner, quieter and safer.